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GS Textile is a full-service Apparel & Textile Sourcing Company representing many leading brands across the Globe and supplying global standard garments and designer wear for men, women and children. We have proven production and supply expertise to make timely delivery in compliant setups and more importantly all at very attractive prices.


We are ideally placed to offer you the best quality at best price with timely delivery from our significant pool of reliable fabric manufacturers equipped with full range of technical and manufacturing capabilities. Our job is to execute timely delivery of quality products and keeping you informed all the way as we specialize in ensuring quality, communication and timely delivery. We are proud of our knowledge base in the textile industry, which helps us in giving our clients the best service they expect. Our continuous effort and expertise makes us the best source for the latest and the best in the apparel industry


Why Pakistan?

There are various advantages to sourcing finished goods from Pakistan's:

•          Industrial economy & an established buying hub, cost effective Production

•          Traditional strengths - raw material, labor, technology, cheaper Inputs

•          Good logistics Infrastructure, Supportive Network





Good designs give us the advantage to compete. And we excel in our ability to reproduce designs to our client's exact specifications. Employing expert teams to cover all areas, we ensure that quality is met within deadlines.


Production Tracking & Management

Production tracking and managing products across various plants or locations produces accurate and easily obtained product genealogy. It also means real-time insight to production process breakdowns, a key culprit of below-average utilization rates. While we work as remote managers on behalf of our clients, we understand that we are their remote eyes and ears. All information flow is coordinated smoothly between all three entities involved in the process: buyers, GS solutions and qualified factories.


Shipment Logistics & Supply

We provide complete logistical support to the manufacturer and forwarder. Buyers are updated on vessel / aircraft schedules and are informed on dispatching. This information is provided online for each order dispatched and customers can check the status of the documents in real time from the respective courier's websites with status briefs also available on our website till the order's safe arrival at the Customers custody. Offering short lead times with established and trusted relationships overseas all contribute to provide a level of service and security which is second to none.


Customer Service Ordering Process

On receiving a query, we initiate the process of Sourcing with our Customers. After initial costing and negotiations with our qualified manufacturers, the best source is selected with the criteria of Quality, Delivery time and  past performance. The sampling process begins with our team involved with the development of fabric, approval of colors, development and refinement of patterns and samples for Sales, Fitting and Prototyping. At this stage all information is exchanged with our clients using our custom built order management system and dedicated sale personnel. This helps us in minimizing the lead times for approvals. Our clients acknowledge that we promptly incorporate the changes while still meeting the delivery schedules. Upon establishing pre-production samples the order is then generated. We then coordinate with the Production and Quality Assurance department in ensuring complete compliance with client specifications for fabric, finishing and measurement standards. A highly qualified team of Merchandisers coordinates with manufacturers and clients who relay production progress to clients and monitor adherence with time lines.



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